3 Best Remote Start Generators [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

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There’s nothing worse than having to go outside in a storm to try and connect or start your portable generator. If only there was a better way…

What if there was a way to stay inside, warm and dry, while starting your generator in the worst of storms each and every time.

You’d be happy knowing your remote start generator could start with the press of a button. Allowing you to stay inside and way less stressed out at such a frustrating moment.

Standalone generators and even RV generators tend to come with a remote start, but if you’re looking for a portable generator, this is really is a luxury you have to search for specifically when deciding what to buy. Also- if your generator is electric- you may be able to purcahse and aftermarket remote start kit instead of a whole new generator. Let’s check out our favorites below.

Top 3 Remote Start Portable Generator Picks

[1] Champion Power Equipment 100554 4375/3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start, CARB

champion remote start generator

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While Champion offers many portable generators ranging in watts, the models that come with remote start options are limited in my opinion

  • Remote start-up to 80′, battery included
  • 3500 watts of power under average operating draw
  • Weighs 120 pounds
  • 4-stroke, 208cc engine operates on gas, CARB Compliant
  • Cold start technology
  • It runs for approximately 12 hours
  • Noise level at 68 dba (less than a normal conversation at 76 dba)
  • Features 8″ never-flat tires, battery, remote key fob, and oil funnel

[2] Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter, Wireless Remote Start

100573 remote start generator by champion

This lightweight Champion generator adds a bit more wattage and also comes with a remote start ability.

  • Remote start-up to 80′, battery included
  • 4000 watts of power under average operating draw
  • It weighs only 96.8 pounds
  • Inverter 224cc engine operates on gas
  • Cold start technology
  • It runs approximately 17 hours at 25% load
  • Noise level at 64 dba (less than a normal conversation at 76 dba)
  • Parallel Kit option available
  • Features never-flat tires, battery, remote key fob, and oil funnel

[3] Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant, Transfer Switch Ready

westinghouse remote start generator

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Westinghouse offers a CARB-compliant generator that is transfer switch ready to power your needs.

  • Remote start at 260′, battery charger included
  • 7500 watts of power under average operating load, 9500 watts peak load
  • Weights 192 pounds
  • 4-stroke 420cc OHV engine operates on gas
  • It runs approximately 11 hours at an average load
  • Noise level at 72 dba (less than the average conversation
  • Transfer switch ready
  • Features never-flat wheels, roll bars, foam grip handles, oil, funnel, and tool kit

*Bonus Picks

Pulsar Products G450RN, 4500W Portable Quiet Remote Start & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant Inverter Generator, 4500-Watt Gray

The Pulsar inverter CARB compliant generator is quiet and ready to work.

  • Remote start-up to 80 feet
  • 3700 watts of power under average operating draw
  • Weighs 108 pounds
  • Inverter 224cc OHV engine operates on gas
  • It runs approximately 15 hours at 50% load
  • Noise level at 63 dba (less than a normal conversation at 76 dba)
  • Parallel Kit option available
  • Features never-flat tires, telescoping handle, spark plug wrench, and oil funnel

Ford 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch & Go Technology and Remote Start, FG5250PBR

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Carrying the “built Ford tough” tradition, this CARB compliant generator with remote start offers a dual fuel option.

  • Remote start
  • 4250 watts of power (gas), 3800 (LP) under average operating load
  • Weighs 108 pounds
  • 4-stroke 224 cc OHV engine operates on gas or LP
  • Switch-and-go technology allows a seamless transition between fuels
  • It runs approximately 11 hours at 50% load
  • Features 8″ never-flat tires and chrome wheels, drop-down cushion grip handles, spark plug wrench, combination wrench, Phillips screwdriver, propane hose, oil, and oil funnel

How to Install an Aftermarket Remote Start for your Generator

There are DIY options to install an after-market remote on your generator.  You will need to purchase a kit compatible with your model. 

To give you an idea for installing the remote start on your generator, here are a few options showing PredatorHonda, and DuroMax generator applications.  While these videos show specific brands, they are examples to follow.  You will want to check with your generator manufacturer to see if remote start kits are available.

Note: A battery is required to operate the remote starter. 

How a Wireless Remote Start Generator Works

Once installed, a wireless remote start is easy to use.  The battery-operated transmitter has a button that you hold down.  It sends a signal to the electronic component installed in your generator to start the engine.

Without having to go outside, your power connection is complete.

Typically, remote start systems are two-fold processes.  Within the generator control panel, a remote starter connects to the ignition switch, and in some models, the choke, as well.

Using the fob from inside your home or RV, send a signal to the remote to start by pressing the control button.

The range for the fob to function varies by manufacturer but generally will work up to 100 feet.

Best Remote Start Generators

Where to Place a Remote Start Generator

Portable generators with remote start ability used in homes and businesses during a power outage should be generally permanent.  If you anticipate a storm, be prepared, and place your generator in advance.  Otherwise, having a remote is of no benefit if you have to go out in bad weather to set up the generator for use.

With permanent placement, you will want a transfer switch installed, so you don’t need to go outside to plug cords into the generator.  Also, having the proper shelter for your generator is essential.

Who are Remote Generators For?

There are many benefits to using a generator with a remote start.  Using the remote start during a storm is high on the list for convenience.  Consider a worksite where you may need to start the generator while hauling materials or operating equipment.  You may be camping and need to start the generator while sitting around the campfire.  There is a tailgate, and you want lights and power as you head back from the game for the afterglow.


Can I make my generator remote start?

There are remote start kits offered for various generator models.  You may be able to purchase independent remote start kits and install them on electric start generators.  Check your owner/operator manual or contact your model manufacturer for details.

Do Honda generators have remote start?

Honda offers an option on some of its models to download a Bluetooth app that connects to a cell phone.  There is also a remote start kit for purchase to install on Honda models.  Check your owner/operator manual or contact the manufacturer for details.


Depending on the wattage you require from a generator, there is an option to purchase one with a remote start.  You will need to begin your search by looking for generators with electric start ability.

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  1. I am looking for a way to start a portable generator via cell phone from miles from site. We use portable generators to heat the engine block & hydrolic oil on our loader tractor in winter conditions out in agriculture fields miles from our farm. We need to run generator up to 2 hours prior to start up and there is no electricity where fields are located. Can this be done? Thanks, Glenn

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