Who Makes Craftsman Generators? [Answered]

When it comes to tools, the Craftsman name is arguably one of the most recognizable names in the tool industry. If you’ve been in the market for a portable generator, then you’ve probably come across the Craftsman name. Of course, with all of the branding that gets done in today’s market, you might be asking yourself “who really makes Craftsman generators?”

The short answer is Stanley Black and Decker. Which may come as a surprise to some who still associate the Craftsman name with Sears. 

While many of us still associate the Craftsman name with Sears, the brand was actually acquired in 2017 by Stanley Black and Decker. Shortly thereafter they would announce plans to bring the Craftsman brand production back to the United States. Today, Stanley Black and Decker handles the production of Craftsman portable generators.

where are craftsman generators made?

Where are Craftsman generators manufactured?

Most production of Craftsman generators occurs in the Stanley plant in Fort Worth TX. Of course certain components of the generators, such as the engines, are manufactured separately.

In recent decades, Sears has struggled to maintain success for a myriad of reasons. This is what led to the selling off of the Craftsman name. The sale did provide the Craftsman brand a chance to grow, with the capability of being sold in new channels. While the deal did allow for Sears to continue to sell the Craftsman brand, and included a few years of royalties on top of a massive buyout, it wasn’t completely without drama.

In 2019, Stanley Black and Decker sued Sears for a contract break and trademark infringement. This stemmed from a new line of professional-grade tools being sold under the Craftsman Ultimate Collection Brand. Sears launched this tool line, with part of the ad campaign including boasting Sears as “the real home of the broadest assortment of Craftsman.” The complaint alleged that these types of advertisements hurt the Craftsman name, and implied that other retailers aren’t selling legitimate Craftsman products. The case was dismissed, and reportedly a mutual resolution was met between the two companies.

Who owns Craftsman generators

Over the years, Craftsman became highly recognized for their hardline mechanic’s tools, as well as outdoor and lawn equipment, including portable generators. Sears never manufactured Craftsman products themselves. Instead, they would outsource their designs and specifications for production and apply the Craftsman brand. Over time, nearly all of this manufacturing would become outsourced to countries such as China and Taiwan. Under the ownership of Stanley Black and Decker, one of the main ideals the brand is being built on, is bringing manufacturing of the Craftsman name back to the United States.

Stanley Black and Decker has been working pretty diligently towards this goal. Most Craftsman portable generators are now produced in a Stanley production facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Many other Craftsman tools are also being manufactured at plants in the U.S., including in South Carolina, Connecticut, Tennessee, and more. Today, Craftsman employees hundreds of people in the United States.

Who Makes Craftsman Generators?


Does Craftsman Make Generators?

Craftsman has been known to make some of the most reliable and efficient portable generators on the market. 

Who makes the engine for a Craftsman generator?

Like many of the brand’s other power equipment, Craftsman generators are driven by Briggs & Stratton engines. Briggs & Stratton is one of the most popular small engines used for all types of power equipment. They’ve been manufacturing reliable and efficient engines for over a hundred years, and are trusted by nearly every major player in the industry.

Who owns Craftsman?

While originally trademarked by Sears, the Craftsman brand has been owned by Stanley Black and Decker since 2017.

What size portable generators does Craftsman make?

Craftsman has a good selection of portable generators, ranging from 2500 watts up to 8000 watts, including a couple of inverter generators. 

Are Craftsman generators made in the U.S.?

It’s reported that Craftsman portable generators are mostly made in the Stanley plant at Fort Worth, Texas. Of course, some components are manufactured elsewhere, such as the Briggs and Stratton engines.

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